C-View considers managing investors’ assets is a dedicated exercise. The Company seeks to achieve consistent returns over time through a process of diversification both in terms of the range of currencies and interest rates and also of time frames.

We consider that over the medium term fundamentals, and policy responses to them, matter. Our currency portfolio construction and risk management is based upon proprietary fundamental analysis which gives us an edge. It incorporates diverse currencies, both major and minor, multiple exposures and geographical diversification, including inter and intra-regional relative value exposures, within a variety of time horizons.

Currency markets experience periods of calm punctuated by occasional periods of intense volatility. Our extensive experience and our analytical tools are focused toward the delivery of positive returns under all market conditions, whether trending or volatile.

The over-arching philosophy that drives our interest rate program is that interest rates display a much greater statistical correlation with macro-economic fundamentals and geo-political developments than any other asset market and hence, over time, it is possible to generate superior risk-adjusted returns, so long as one has the experience and analytical expertise to predict accurately the macro fundamentals and the market’s reaction to same.

We seek to develop these competences by constantly refining our portfolio management and trading abilities and by selectively attracting and retaining exceptional individuals.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. A member of the National Futures Association in the USA.