Paul Chappell

Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager (CMAP/EMCP)

Paul Chappell has 30 years of experience in the FX and financial markets. Mr Chappell founded C~View in 1996. C-View has grown from initially $10mio in Assets to in excess of $500mio under management presently in Currency Managed accounts on behalf of Pension and Institutional Investors and Fund of Funds. Prior to this positions held by Mr Chappell included Manager of London, European, Middle Eastern and African Foreign Exchange Operations for Bank of America and subsequently Global FX Product Manager for the bank. In this role he managed 450 FX operatives in 23 different trading centres.

Peter Knowles

CFO and Business Manager

Peter Knowles has over 35 years’ experience in financial markets. He joined C-View in January 2002. Prior to this he was at Bank of America where latterly he was FX Business manager for Asia Global Foreign Exchange, responsible for three regional FX trading rooms. Between 1993 and 1996 he was Business Manager for Global FX working alongside Mr Chappell.

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