About Us

C-View commenced investment advisory services and portfolio management in October 1996 and launched the Currency Managed Account Program. Since then C-View has delivered consistent superior risk adjusted returns and the invest process, management competences and assets have expanded substantially.

Alongside experiencing significant growth C-View has seen considerable changes in the Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate markets which have encompassed periods of considerable volatility and also benign calm. The experience of the portfolio managers and the diversified approach employed has proved to be robust in delivering returns throughout these changing market circumstances.

In its currency programs the Company maintains a strong emphasis on research and has consistently added to the number of currencies and the range of strategies which it employs. This seeks to take advantage of both the progress of countries from developing to developed market status, with the attendant expansion of liquidity and opportunity in their currencies, and also increased sophistication in our own portfolio analytical process.

As part of this development in 2008 C-View added a Emerging and Minor Currency Program to the existing flagship Currency Managed Account Program. In 2013 C-View added the Global Macro Interest Rate Program in order to capitalise upon Portfolio and Risk Management capabilities in the area of macro-economic development and policy initiatives in the major currency interest rate markets. In the Interest Rate Program we follow macro-economic fundamentals and policy responses to them, notably in G7 interest rates, again combining research capabilities with market intelligence.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. A member of the National Futures Association in the USA.